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At the time of choosing a photo boot we have to take into account the functions and qualities that each system has.

Compare among the different models and discern the things that are important to us according to the orientation that we want to give to our business. We present then the most important.
  • Quality and durability of the system: Your clients will compare the quality of the photos taken by the camera, the sharpness, the focus, the color, etc ... and not only the resolution. A reflex camera will give you the quality and durability to have a reliable and competitive system.
  • Quality of the shot photos: Your clients will compare the quality of the photos taken by the camera, the sharpness, the focus, the color, etc ... and not only the resolution. A reflex camera will give you the quality and durability to have a reliable and competitive system.
  • Thequality of the printed photos: The quality of the printed photos, the color, the definition even the weight of the paper are important and your clients will find it. Compare these features among the photo booths. We recommend a brand printer with which you guarantee and technical support.
  • Update capacity: The market evolves. The manufacturer must guarantee updates and improvements to have always a competitive product. The update capability does not only refer to the functions of the software. The parts of the machine must also be able to update (printer, camera, computer, ...). The appearance of the software, the backgrounds of the photos, the printing format, the design and enlargement of the templates of the printed photos should be able to be changed and updated.
  • Design and functionality: Look for an attractive design and that of imegen of professionalism. Your clients will be mainly boyfriends who will treat you for a special day like your wedding. The appearance of your photo both should give confidence and be in accordance with the celebration. When the event is related to the brandig the presence and the ability to add advertising in the system (ads, logos ..) is important and too that it can also be customized easily and without much cost.
  • Functions: Most photo booths include almost the same functions. Many of them are not determinate and can even be superfluous. Looking for originality and in addition to the typical functions we have others that can give you extra benefits. The ability to interact with social networks will be important for corporate events and branding.
  • Easy assembly and transport: A well-designed and functional photo booth will be easy to transport and assemble. To be easily transportable, it must necessarily be divided into pieces. But check that you are able to ride it without difficulty. Usually it can be transported in any car.
  • Configuration: Each event requires a configuration, you have to customize the logos for the event, change the announcements, the countdown etc. This process must be easy, fast and be carried out without special knowledge. This will give you security and independence when preparing your events.


We try to make our clients a great family. From funphotos we call to collaboration among all our customers who have started a business. The great demand of our system makes our customers have sometimes more requests than machines to serve, or that hires have been hired in remote geographical zones.


We design and manufacture our products and therefore we know all of them and we will always give you a solution. In addition to the user and maintenance manual that mark ce standards, we have tutorials, videos, faqs, and practical case guide. You can make any consultation by email, by telephone or use our customer forum. Habitually any doubt is always resolved on the day. We can make in 24 hours any replacement of the parts that funphotos manufactures, so that your system does not stop working and will continue to be profitable.

Why FunPhotos?

  • Because our concept of what is and is expected from a photo booth is the right one. A photo booth is not a system for taking photos. A photo booth for events must first of all be an animation system.
  • Attendees and guests want to have fun at the event, want to be protagonists, want to live funny moments. Funphotos is designed just for this. All our systems include a large screen to share those funny moments with all the attendees, not just those in a corner using the photo booth. FunPhotos generates fun for everyone.
  • Becauseour systems give the best service. Our systems include two parts: the one in charge of animating the event composed of the camera and the big screen that will make you a protagonist while you play making poses and the photos are shot. The other is responsible for printing how many times you want any photo shot during the event. Everyone takes a memory.
  • Advertising and branding another source of benefits. All our designs are easy to customize and vinyl to include advertising in the system. In addition to the typical logo and varied formats and printing designs with FunPhotos you can easily include ads in the user's interactions with the machine. Surprise your customers with the possibility of personalized ads.
  • Innovation and creativity. At FunPhotos we know the product and the market. We are original and we create new things. This is what allows us to be the point of reference in the business and to mark the way to others.
  • Technology and quality.All our products are developed within FunPhotos integrally. We are technologically independent and this allows us to always be in the lead. FunPhotos is created and produced in Spain with quality materials and products from leading brands. That is why we comply with the recommendations and standards that mark the CE for the production of machines. How many photo booths that meet the exacting European standards do you know? All FunPhotos products comply with them.
  • The bible of the business.