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Why FunPhotos?

Advertising and Branding, to enhance your brand
Technical support, always at your side
Financing, we make it easy
Technology and quality, the best product for the best service
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  • Fully modular for easy transport. It can be transported in any ordinary car.
  • Easy assembly and configuration. The system can be assembled and configured in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to customize and to introduce advertising. It improves the service to the clients, being able to obtain extra benefits.
  • Very versatile. Ideal for private events such as weddings and corporate advertising events.
  • Optimal integration of the professional reflex camera that avoids the need for spotlights or additional lights.
  • It can work with any professional Mitsubishi printer (D60, D70, D0, D90, ...).
    This allows a wide variety of printing options and sizes.


    Buying a photo booth from Funphotos Systems has never been so easy

    We advise you with the purchase of your photo booth , we advise you with the system that best suits your needs, and always with a personalized service.

    We have different models with the latest trends and developments on the market. We help you launch your business from scratch, since we support you with your branding and advertising. We have personal and technical support, so you can be calm and can enjoy your photo booth purchase.

    Our designs are designed to be able to be transported in any type of car, without having to invest in van or truck type vehicles. Both the assembly and the configuration of our photo booth machine are developed to make it easier for users to install and start up. You will check that the assemblies are made in a simple and intuitive way.

    The demand of photo booth systems in rental regime for weddings, private parties, events, baptisms, conventions, fairs, etc. is without a doubt a business that is booming. Every day there are more customers who request this service for all types of parties.

    From the start of your Funphotos Systems project, we will be by your side to help you and transfer all our experience of more than 7 years, so you can get results as soon as possible.

    At Funphotos Systems, we take great care of image and quality, so we work with the best materials and innovative technology to offer the best quality in the market, since we want the best for our customers.

    If you have not yet decided to buy a photo booth, do not hesitate to contact us to help you and find the best way to finance your photo booth , we can also put you in touch with our customers to explain you their experiencies.