FunPhotos is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture, development and
exploitation of digital photography systems oriented to animation.


With an experience of almost 20 years in the manufacturing sector and more than 6 years in the events realization sector, we have enough experience for a quality production of our systems and the knowledge of the needs of the market and ours customers.



In funphotos we develop in a form integra all our products, the exterior design of the machine, the hardware and the software.

This technological independence allows us, on the one part, to evolve our systems, incorporating continually improvements and novelties. And on the other hand to give the best technical support to our clients.


If in anything we are different from others, it is in the capacity of innovation and development of our products, different, original. And that marks the road to others. We apply our ideas and imagination to create animation products that are attractive for the market and profitable to our clients.


The Team

The most important: people. Funphotos is a team, a team of competent, responsible and well-formed people who like to do their work well. And this defines what is our company and our way of working and serving our clients.


All our products fulfill the directives and rules of the ce mark. This means calm, guarantee, security for our clients.

Funphotos develops and manufactures from experience and with knowledge. We use the best components to shape the best ideas and get thus quality systems adapted to the market. And this brings great profitability to our clients.